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Here at Hana Koa we are curating a safe and inclusive space for people from all walks of life to come together and enjoy the same things:

good food, great beer, and incredible people.


We will to continue to do everything in our power to build a community

that resonates with our values and shares a passion for our mission.

Core Values

What is Hana Koa Brewing all about?



We believe in the thrill and lesson of adventure, whether it be through education, exploring the great outdoors, or through creativity. Adventure is all about embracing the unknown to find something greater than what we have been before. We encourage the quest towards discovery. 




At Hana Koa, we believe that inclusion makes us stronger. We like to recognize and celebrate everyone’s individual talents. We hope to become a haven where people can find compassion and end cultural division. We believe that the beer in your glass can be greater than just a beverage, that it can be a catalyst that brings people together and build a better community. 



We believe in having fun after our hard work. We believe in shift beers! We believe in laughing with strangers who turn into friends. We believe in building each other up because positivity is more fun. We cherish traditions but like to test the limits and get wacky with our recipes. 




We strive to be fearlessly authentic. We choose to align ourselves with good causes, good people, and doing the right thing. We don’t promise or pretend to be something that doesn’t inspire us. There is always a greater meaning to what we do. As people peel back and learn more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it we believe they will keep discovering more reasons to join our cause. 

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