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Man of Gold

We brewed Man of Gold with our dear friend Kyle Manigold from Morgan Territory Brewing.

Kyle and Josh go way back. They brewed together as colleagues at EJ Phair Brewing company out of Pittsburgh, California. Kyle took Josh under his wing, teaching him a lot of the brewing world. He's a mentor and dear friend that produces some of the most exceptional beer available in Northern California, currently winning countless medals with Morgan Territory.

He's the guy that Josh describes,

"If I were hanging on the edge of a cliff, I would hope it would be Kyle up there to pull me up."

Kyle is the true "Man of Gold" that is gritty and honest. He reminds me of a cowboy in a Clint Eastwood flick, who ultimately saves the day. Beneath his tough-guy facade is the loyal teddybear that readily defends the ones he loves. He was one of our groomsmen, and I personally took great joy in this rugged guy streaming tears in joy during our vows.


Man of Gold boasts aromas of overripe ruby red grapefruit, dragon fruit smoothie, and lush green forest. Incredibly well balanced, the combination of Pilsner and Golden Promise malts intertwine with a delicate hop profile to deliver notes of toasted biscuit, grapefruit juice, and pineapple leaf.

Even after his expiration date, Kyle Manigold will always be a true Man of Gold.

When we brewed this collaboration, we had no idea the times of quarantine that were about to happen.

It's only fitting that with this brew we also highlight the many men and women that are People of Gold.

In celebration of this beer release, we want to take the time to honor the good people of our community. We think that our healthcare workers and all essential workers who are currently risking their lives to help others deserve some recognition!

Check our social media, and nominate your man or woman of gold by tagging them on our instagram / facebook Man of Gold post. Tell us what makes them a Person of Gold to you. Every nominee and nominator will receive a coupon code for a free pair of Hana Koa sunglasses, no purchase necessary. We will also be choosing one nominee a day to receive a free meal.

Thank you to all of our healthcare heroes and everyone else keeping our community safe. We can't wait to sit down and have a beer with you when this is all over.

So with this brew, raise your glasses to the front lines of the health care community during this global pandemic. Let's take a moment to recognize those in essential work and the people that are making the world continue to go round: the healthcare heroes, the frontlines of community welfare, even your local restaurant that's struggling to stay open, the teachers that have had to adjust quickly to keep the education of our youth going, our friends that reach out to make sure we are okay, and even our pets that give us comfort in isolation.

- Chrissie

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