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Rooftop Pale Ale

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Back in the SF bay area in my Sales Rep days, I had a summertime tradition, which I pretty much stole from “Workaholics”. I used to have a pale ale or IPA on the roof and watch the sunset as another day would close. Sometimes I would do this alone, but when Josh and I started dating, he was my companion up on the roof.

ballast point beer

The first time he joined me up there for a sunset rooftop beer, he thought I was nuts. We only had a rickety old garden ladder that you had to jump up from in order to reach the roof and pull yourself up. It wasn’t very stable, but in my mind, it was worth it. There’s no reward without risk, right?

Up there we talked about our days, our life stories, and even our greatest goals and fears. We really got to know each other up on that roof. You could even say it was on that roof that we fell in love.

brewery wedding

One time he asked me why I went up there. I said that the best conversations happen on rooftops when all the world seems so far away but so much opportunity is laid out in front of you.

On our wedding day, we exchanged our vows on a rooftop, bound with a blending ceremony drinking – you guessed it – a pale ale!

brewery wedding

Rooftop pale is coined after that summer, spent talking on the rooftop with pale ale’s in our hands while enjoying the last bits of sunlight.

It’s 5.2% ABV, so just enough to have a few. On the aroma, there are notes of underripe mango, ruby red grapefruit, and dank cannabis. It’s got a clean malt profile that exhibits white bread or soda crackers, and a somewhat juicy but dry finish.

hana koa brewing beer

So please, enjoy over good conversations! Cheers!

~ CHRISSIE, Director of Operations


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