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shine a light

Supporting Sexual assault survivors, seeking proactive

change, and preventing future aggression

The Shine a Light beer collab simply exists to support sexual assault survivors and seek proactive change to prevent any future aggression. With the amazing work that the Joyful Heart Foundation does and by extension, End the Backlog, along with local and national crisis efforts, we believe proactive change is possible and in action if we include it in the beer industry.

We at Hana Koa Brewing support survivors of sexual assault and misconduct. We produce craft beer with care and love, therefore we do not condone perpetrators blaming their actions on alcohol.


We stand firm that it is not a victim’s fault if they are assaulted- no matter how intoxicated they may be. Being intoxicated is also not an excuse to take advantage of someone else’s body.


We are working towards a safer industry for all. This wasn’t created to be just a beer. We stand with our fellow humans that have survived misconduct. We stand with you, we believe you, and your experience is not going unnoticed.

We would love to invite all breweries that would like to be a part of this important cause, to stand with survivors and make a statement that the product we produce is not to blame – that we will hold perpetrators accountable for their actions and not on a beverage.



If you or someone you know needs help, you can call the

24/7 National Sexual Assault Hotline for free and confidentially at:



Services Provided by Rainn:



If u or someone you know needs help in Hawaii, you can call

Hawaii’s 24/7 Sexual Assault Treatment Center for free and confidentially at:



Services Provided by SATC Hawaii:


What are the signs of sexual assault and rape?


What is End the Backlog?


What is a rape kit?


What services exist nationally?


What Services exist in Hawaii?

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shine a light
Join us in taking a stand against sexual assault in the brewering industry.
Collaboration Outline for Breweries:


  • Make a public statement in support of sexual assault survivors


  • Brew Shine a Light to spread the word and support survivors


  • Vow to utilize resources to prevent assault in our taprooms and bars


  • Make a donation to a local or national foundation in support of sexual assault survivors

  • Register through the link below so we can feature your brew!

 What we will provide when you join the collaboration:


  • Links to resources


  • Shine a Light Can label that you can personalize with your logo, survivor support statement, and foundation you are supporting




joyful heart | end the backlog | hawaii SATC





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